A cloud based UX/UI design
tech-support A cloud based UX/UI design

At proyelink we use this incredible tool for our project clients. take a look !

Figma is a cloud based UX/UI design platform that has quickly become the go-to tool for UX designers, whether they’re a freelancer or have multiple team members they collaborate with on a day-to-day basis.

Figma is an incredibly user-friendly platform that delivers the essential features for designing anything from a basic wireframe to a user flow and working UI prototypes. You can invite other people to view and/or edit your file for real-time collaboration, or simply to gain insightful feedback on your website or mobile app designs.

While Figma itself is focused primarily on vector designs and prototyping tools, you can also take advantage of the robust community plugins that give you additional functionality for an easier, more streamlined design flow.

Platform: Web, Mac, Windows, Linux.