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Latin American politics has lived through conflictive political times, since the end of the progressive era in South America. Neoliberal politics has returned for some Latin American nations, such as Ecuador. 


Important sectors of Ecuadorian society remain convinced that the progressive route is the correct path for a socially sustainable coexistence and even more so in the face of Covid-19. For this reason, social activism has sought viable mechanisms according to the pandemic scenario we are experiencing.


Proyelink , firm in its progressive convictions, supports these digital initiatives; Rutakritica is one of them because it interprets the economic and social facts of Ecuador and Latin America, from a leftist, progressive and academic vision. With the mission of disputing the neoliberal discourse of the traditional media.


 The digital platform, being a political platform and being exposed to controversy, has continuous threats to the availability of the site; the technical solution was the simplest but the most creative. Which would later be discovered as a standard that WordPress recommends. 


If you are an activist, from the left or progressive, with digital hobbies to dispute neoliberalism, Proyelink is aligned to dispute with you, tell us any concerns you have. We are waiting.