Crosslinking, Google thanks
tech-support Crosslinking, Google thanks

If I have a YouTube, Twitter, and Behance account with the same name, i.e. Proyelink, make sure your main site, proyelink.com, has links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Do the same for those separate networks.

Crosslink your brand across platforms, but don’t link to empty content. Image: benjamin bannister

This lets Google know that the proyelink on twitter, is the same proyelink on Facebook and instagram. Make it easy for Google to know you are the same entity.

I only have one caveat here: do not crosslink if you have empty content. i.e.: If you link your Facebook page to your Twitter page, but your Twitter profile doesn’t have any tweets, that is just bad UX (user experience). Make sure your platforms have content if you link them.