Eric Rise:Ratio, act of faith
tech-support Eric Rise:Ratio, act of faith

A good start of a campaign depends a lot on the conversion rate or conversion ratio of our website. The conversion rate is the percentage of visits that perform the expected action, download a pdf, fill out a form, buy a product, etc...

The business that is just starting in digital marketing does not have a defined conversion rate since this component is being developed throughout the campaigns of both SEO and SEM. So you will have to estimate or make an act of faith as defined by Eric Rise in Lean Startup, depending on the following factors:


Based on these parameters we can make a projection of our conversion rate. It is recommended to propose three possible scenarios: the conservative, the possible, and the optimistic, the average conversion rate is 5% or 0.05, however this varies depending on the quality of the factors mentioned.

The equation to identify our conversion ratio is composed of the number of conversions expected to be achieved divided by the number of clicks needed to achieve those conversions. Therefore:

conversion ratio = # conversions/ # clicks