MVP vs Sprint
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The MVP and  Sprint are ¿Units, concepts totally different?¿How many MVPs can we have in a sprint? ¿or how many sprints could have an MVP?  Well if you are a beginner in Agile culture it is totally normal to have these questions and doubts. To be honest in the early beginnings of my professional life in the tech industry applying Agile I have these questions and doubts and I can say that yes, it is totally normal. 

MVP example

Let's start from the beginning: Agile in shorts means build your basic tool, measure your goals and update or enhance your tool and start again, so we can say that your basic tool is that of an MVP. The acronym means Minimum Viable Product so we can say that a MVP is a unit tool with some functionalities  or accomplishing some tasks to achieve the main goal of the business. So you can have more than one MVP and it is totally normal, it means that your product is on a continuous change. 

On the other hand, a Sprint is a period of time of weeks that could be from 2 or 4 weeks per sprint, the best fit for a sprint is 3 weeks. During this period of time you start to build the functionalities of your MVP ¿so how many sprints do we need to build our MVP?  Depends how complex, how expert and fast are your team members, and some other factors like stakeholders, the context continuously changing. 

So, both concepts are correlated to each other. An MVP can or can’t have many sprints, but a sprint is a unit time to build functionalities of an MVP;  at the end of the day, a MVP is a unit version of the product built from several sprints, but never a sprint can contain an MVP. 

So how we can estimate or forecast a MVP for this you have several tools on agile culture.

Writen by: Alejandro Chiriboga