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For those who start in the world of digital marketing seriously, the first question of value is to know ¿how many clicks do we need to achieve our goal?. One possible answer is by having the number of conversions to be achieved and also the conversion rate, but you don't know the number of clicks to achieve your conversion goal.

Concepts that should be clear: conversion and conversion rate. Conversion is the ultimate goal of an action or click, for example: filling out a form, making a purchase, making a reservation for a course or workshop, a download, etc.; it’s when the user's action delivers value to the business, whether it is monetary or with data.

On the other hand, the conversion ratio is the percentage of visitors who perform the desired action. The higher the percentage, the lower the number of actions or clicks to achieve the proposed conversion.

In mathematics, the formula to know how many clicks I need is: the division of the number of conversions over the conversion ratio. For example, I want to generate 10 downloads of a pdf if the user fills out the form, and also I know that my page has a 0.02(2%) conversion ratio or conversion rate. Therefore:

# clicks = # conversions / conversion ratio (%).

              = 10 / 0.02

              = 500

So, ¿ What is the conversion ratio?¿ How did I got this conversion rate ? Let's check in the next article.